About this Site

This site introduces real Japanese home recipes, seasonings, local foods, and unique cookwares by Japanese woman lives in Tokyo.

To be honest, I cannot speak English so much (but better than other Japanese), so the recipe I introduce must be easy and you can try at home!

About me

Hi! My name is Yuuko” Edokko” Katoh.The people who were born and raised in Tokyo like me are called “Edokko”. 

I have been to 100 countries around the world alone. One of my hobbies is visiting war sites, especially pacific war.

 Also I have lived in New York, Canada, and one of the small caribbean island as a volunteer after I graduated from Ecole de patisserie de Tokyo, Japanese confectionery department.

I understand the difference between Japan and other countries, so I decided to introduce my “Unique and Strange” country through foods to overseas.

About Tokyo

Tokyo is a great “countryside”. This city is always full and fool people. I think if you can talk in Japanese little bit, Tokyo will be a very comfortable city for you,though.

The  population is approx. 14 million as same as London. It’s about the combined population of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. 

Tokyo has the largest number of restaurants in the world. There are about 150,000 restaurants in only Tokyo! Wow! I do not know only 20 or so…

Therefore, Tokyo is the city with the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world.

Enjoy real Japanese foods and restaurants when you come to Tokyo!

About Japan

This is my opinion, but Japan is 10 years behind other developed countries.

Unbelievably, many restaurants and shops in Tokyo do NOT accept credit cards or Ec money even! (Because Japan is safe country, so we usually pay everything by cash only)

However, as for foods, Japan is more advanced than the other countries more than 20 years ahead.Because Japanese are gourmand.

Let’s have fun real Japanese foods!

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