Japanese Beef 1

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark “gyu” means beef. The wagyu is special breeding so its quality is difference from the other beef at all. I had often heard Americans who ate Shimofuri(marbling meat) said, “This is rotten!” Wagyu is used be too tender to eat for them. The French eats raw beef called “Tartare”, and they …

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Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark “Yakitori” is BBQ chicken on a bamboo skewers. “Yaki” means grilled, “Tori” means chicken. But, we call grilled vegetables and eggs also as Yakitori.  I have heard Japanese style Yakitori restaurants are very popular among Newyorkers. Today, I introduce Japanese real Yakitori means.  What is Yakitori? Yakitori has 2 tastes indeed. …

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How many types of Japanese meals do you know?

Bento, Sushi, Kaiseki…Although there are many kinds of Japanese foods. How many kinds do you know them? Today, I introduce the typical Japanese food types. What is Japanese food? Japanese food is roughly divided into 3types as follows. Washoku: Japanese unique foodsChuka: Chinese foodsYoshoku / Youshoku: Westerners. Including French, Thai, Africa or Italian etc. I explain …

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