The Seppuku-Monaka (切腹最中) is Wagashi @Ginza

The Seppuku-monaka(切腹最中) meaning This name of Japanese sweets is “Seppuku monaka”.(“Seppuku” means Harakiri!) The shape looks like Seppuku. We often bring them as a token apology when we must apologize to someone with the feeling of seppuku. Today I introduce “Seppuku-monaka” of Kuya (空也) at Ginza. What is Monaka (最中 / もなか)? Monaka is a …

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12 Typical Vegetables of Kyoto – Kyo yasai(京野菜)

Kyoto vegetables are the pride of Japan. The Kyoto is the ancient Japanese capital before Tokyo over 300 years ago. This city still retains its appearance at more than 2000 years! Therefore, this city has many original foods and drinks. “Kyo-Yasai” refers to 31 traditional vegetables of Kyoto. Some of those seeds are only available …

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