The Seppuku-Monaka (切腹最中) is Wagashi @Ginza

The Seppuku-monaka(切腹最中) meaning This name of Japanese sweets is “Seppuku monaka”.(“Seppuku” means Harakiri!) The shape looks like Seppuku. We often bring them as a token apology when we must apologize to someone with the feeling of seppuku. Today I introduce “Seppuku-monaka” of Kuya (空也) at Ginza. What is Monaka (最中 / もなか)? Monaka is a …

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retort curry 3

4 Japanese unique retort curry & instant curry

Although, I know the word of “Retort” means “Instant”, it’s hard to distinguish another page, “instant noodles” and “instant foods”. So I’ve decided to call it as “Retort curry” to differentiate it from them.(Japanese pronunciation is “Retoruto”, though) Today I’m going to introduce you to different types of retort curries. Demiglace Cheese Curry (デミグラチーズカレー) This …

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Japanese recommend Izakaya in TOKYO (居酒屋)

Japanese style Sake pub is called an Izakaya. Haven’t you been to there yet?New Yorkers call Izakaya not Japanese pub.I guess Sakagura on 43rd is the best in U.S.A! Today, I talk about real Izakaya in Japan. Contents Izakaya Rule in JapanOshibori & Water (おしぼりと水)Otoshi (お通し)How to payNo EnglishAre kudasaiNo chip, VAT8%Hashigosake (はしご酒)Izakaya Information in TOKYO depending on …

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