Instant Noodle 4

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark These instant ramen are not typical Japanese ramen. But there are some ramen that are so good taste that it’s hard to think of them as instant noodles. You can eat them in only Japan because they are not exported to overseas countries. Today I’d like to introduce an unusual instant …

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retort curry 3

Retort Curry 3

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Although, I know the word of “Retort” means “Instant”, it’s hard to distinguish another page, “instant noodles” and “instant foods”. So I’ve decided to call it as “Retort curry” to differentiate it from them.(Japanese pronunciation is “Retoruto”, though) Today I’m going to introduce you to different types of retort curries. Demiglace …

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Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark In Japan, a pub is called an Izakaya.Haven’t you been to there yet?New Yorkers call Izakaya not Japanese pub.I guess Sakagura on 43rd is the best in U.S.A! Today, I talk about real Izakaya in Japan. Oshibori & Water In Japanese Izakaya, They always serve free a wet towel,( calls as …

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