Sushi 1

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark The sushi you know them are actually many varieties. Moreover, the real name of “Sushi” you call is not just “Sushi”. They have a real name.  Moreover, There is a sushi jargons used only by the Japanese. Today I am going to introduce you to the variety of sushi. Makizushi “Makizushi” …

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Japanese Beef 1

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark “gyu” means beef. The wagyu is special breeding so its quality is difference from the other beef at all. I had often heard Americans who ate Shimofuri(marbling meat) said, “This is rotten!” Wagyu is used be too tender to eat for them. The French eats raw beef called “Tartare”, and they …

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expensive fishes in japan

Fish 4

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Some fish are so rare that we may or may not be able to eat them once in a lifetime. I’ve never seen some of these fishes in shame. Some of this cost are more than 30USD each sushi at a sushi restaurant😲(This price is called “Jika”, owner decides price depends …

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