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10 Nerimono (練り物) You MUST Know

“Nerimono (練り物)” means the fish paste products. There are many kinds of Nerimono in Japan.  We usually eat them into Oden (おでん), just bake, or without adding anything. Today, I would like to introduce “Nerimono” that Japanese loves! Contents Chikuwa (竹輪 / ちくわ)Chikuwa recipeIsobeageCheese chikuwa (チーちく)Hanpen (はんぺん)Hanpen recipeOdenCheese sandwitchGobouten (ごぼう天)kamaboko (かまぼこ / 蒲鉾)Kohaku kamaboko(紅白かまぼこ)Kamaboko recipeItawasa (板わさ)Otsumami …

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Amazing Japanese Deep Fry recipe (揚げ物)

When you come to Japan, I recommend you to eat not only sushi and tempura, but also other deep-fried foods. They are a little unique. Today, I introduce Japanese awesome deep-fried foods! Contents Tempura (天ぷら / てんぷら)Tatsutaage (竜田揚げ)Tatsutaage recipeSaba Tatsutaage recipeMcDonald’s original menu in JapanKara age (からあげ / 唐揚げ)Karaage recipeSu age (素揚げ)Suage recipeAtsuage (厚揚げ)Suage recipeAgedashidofu …

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