Onigiri (Omusubi)

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark “Onigiri” (Omusubi) is one of the Japanese soul food. When we have been overseas for long time by business trip or study something, we always miss Ramen, Sushi or this Onigiri.  “Onigiri” is called “Omusubi” also.  This is hand-rolled steamed rice ball sprinkled with salt and wrapped in a sheet of …

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Sea weeds

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark I’ve heard that foreigners take seaweed into a bathtub for thalassotherapy, but the Japanese NEVER do that.We eat seaweed. We must feel gross each other.😅 Today I introduce lovely Japanese seaweed. Nori It is often used for wrapping around sushi or onigiri so that keeping the shape of the rice. Japanese …

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