Instant Noodle 4

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark These instant ramen are not typical Japanese ramen. But there are some ramen that are so good taste that it’s hard to think of them as instant noodles. You can eat them in only Japan because they are not exported to overseas countries. Today I’d like to introduce an unusual instant …

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Instant Noodles 1

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark There are many types of instant food in Japan. These are including cup foods, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, retort curries, and this instant noodles. These instant noodles were invented by Japanese to be cheap, tasty and easy and store for a long time. As a result, there are countless varieties and …

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Cup foods 5

Cup Foods 5

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark The idea that junk foods and cup noodles are bad for your health is old type thinking in Japan. Today, I can eat much,but we can loose weight?! I would like to Introduce healthy 3 cup noodles. Wakame ramen Wakame means young kombu, which means the sprout before becoming kelp. We …

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Ramen 1

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark First of all, it’s best not to read this article after dinner.Because you must want to eat dinner again.Japanese often eat ramen after Izakaya, so they must get be fat! Today, I would like to introduce real Japanese Ramen loved around¬† the world. Origin of Ramen Origin is China. They are …

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