This is the real Japanese stew and simmered pot!

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark “Nimono” means Simmered food. Almost all Japanese simmered foods have with”-ni” at end of the word. Today I would like to introduce a typical Japanese Nimono dish. Chikuzen-ni https://youtu.be/aYCK_O1MQFM “Chikuzen” means an old district name of Fukuoka city. This is a Chikuzen-style stew of cubed chicken stir-fried with chopped root vegetables …

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Canned Foods 3

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark In Japan, deli foods are tasty and cheap, so I don’t know why there are canned foods. Deli foods are tastier and cheaper than canned food…so I think these are emergency foods. So today, I introduce emergency-for-Sake-Lovers-canned foods. kara-age Karaage is kinds of fried food. It’s better the fresh off the …

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Canned Foods 2

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark There are many unique canned foods in Japan, there are local original canned foods also. They were originally made as emergency foods, but nowadays most of them changed as snacks for Sake. If these were emergency foods, I wouldn’t be able to stop drinking Sake… Today, I introduce unique Japanese canned …

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Seasonings 3

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Japanese basic seasonings are sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, and miso.  Today, I talk about basic seasonings in Japan. It must be useful for those who want to know Japanese cuisine well. Sugar We use mainly “Johaku-tou” for Japanese cooking. This sugar is often said “custard sugar”, “superfine sugar” and so …

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Tofu 2

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark I often find Tofu around the world, but unfortunately, people often say “Tofu is not tasty” “I don’t know how to eat it.” or so. In particular, the ones sold overseas are packing sausages or milk cartons for keeping long time. Moreover, they are made in China. There are never such …

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