Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark In Japan, when we saw someone was beaten up terribly, we say “You look like a potato”, but our neighbour country, Korean says “like a flounder”. Expression is different from each country. Today, I’d like to introduce a metaphor through foods in Japan and the world. Eggs ”The goose and the …

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Cup foods 5

Cup Foods 5

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark The idea that junk foods and cup noodles are bad for your health is old type thinking in Japan. Today, I can eat much,but we can loose weight?! I would like to Introduce healthy 3 cup noodles. Wakame ramen Wakame means young kombu, which means the sprout before becoming kelp. We …

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Sea weeds

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark I’ve heard that foreigners take seaweed into a bathtub for thalassotherapy, but the Japanese NEVER do that.We eat seaweed. We must feel gross each other.πŸ˜… Today I introduce lovely Japanese seaweed. Nori It is often used for wrapping around sushi or onigiri so that keeping the shape of the rice. Japanese …

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