Tofu 2

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark I often find Tofu around the world, but unfortunately, people often say “Tofu is not tasty” “I don’t know how to eat it.” or so. In particular, the ones sold overseas are packing sausages or milk cartons for keeping long time. Moreover, they are made in China. There are never such …

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Tofu 1

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark I often see tofu sold in supermarkets overseas. Unfortunately, it seems it does not popular because they do not know how they can cook Tofu. Today, I introduce the types of tofu sold only in Japan.I will show you how to cook tofu in Youtube later. Kinds Lorem ipsum dolor sit …

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Cup food4

Cup Foods 4

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Not wanna spend time, Just wanna eat yummy food…Cup foods were developed for the WAGAMAMA(Selfish) Japanese. Today, I introduce Japanese cup noodles stand the test of time! Akai Kitsune Udon “Akai”means red, “Kitsune” means fox. This Maru-chan’s cup udon has been loved by Japanese for over 50 years. Why fox ? …

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