Japanese sweets

kinoko vs takenoko

Kinoko no Yama (きのこの山)vs Takenoko no Sato (たけのこの里)

These sweet snacks call “Kinoko no Yama (きのこの山)” or “Takenoko no Sato (たけのこの里)”. “Kinoko” means mushrooms. “Yama” means mountains. “Takenoko” means bamboo shoots, and “Sato” means village. It is a one of the long-selling sweets that has been loved by Japanese people for about 40 years. Today, I introduce Kinoko no yama and Takenoko no …

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The Seppuku-Monaka (切腹最中) is Wagashi @Ginza

The Seppuku-monaka(切腹最中) meaning This name of Japanese sweets is “Seppuku monaka”.(“Seppuku” means Harakiri!) The shape looks like Seppuku. We often bring them as a token apology when we must apologize to someone with the feeling of seppuku. Today I introduce “Seppuku-monaka” of Kuya (空也) at Ginza. What is Monaka (最中 / もなか)? Monaka is a …

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