Japanese seasoning



Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark “Yakumi” means condiments. We usually use this for toppings or serves at the tables. Today, I would like to introduce Japanese Yakumi. Asatsuki There are 3 kinds of leeks in Japan, Asatsuki, Wakegi and small leeks. They are so similar that even Japanese can’t really them distinguish. The thicker they are, …

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Seasonings 3

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Japanese basic seasonings are sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, and miso.  Today, I talk about basic seasonings in Japan. It must be useful for those who want to know Japanese cuisine well. Sugar We use mainly “Johaku-tou” for Japanese cooking. This sugar is often said “custard sugar”, “superfine sugar” and so …

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Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Although Japan is surrounded by the sea, there are few types of salt.However, Japan has the most kinds of sugar. Each sugar has a unique flavor, it is decided that using this sugar for this dish.We use granulated sugar when making western sweets or bread. But we never use this sugar …

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Seasonings 2

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark I already introduce Japanese unique seasonings that I had never seen overseas before last time. Today I would like to introduce some unique seasonings again. I have never seen some of them overseas. I hope you like them🙂 Ume aji Have you ever seen Japanese red soured pickled plum is called …

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Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark There are many unique Japanese original seasonings as well as wasabi. Some seasonings are not overseas! I introduce typical Japanese seasonings in 2 parts. Karashi Japanese Mustard. This is difference from French mustard. Japanese mustard has no seeds and is not spicy so much.  We put it on a corn dog( …

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