Japanese cuisine

expensive fishes in japan

Fish 4

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Some fish are so rare that we may or may not be able to eat them once in a lifetime. I’ve never seen some of these fishes in shame. Some of this cost are more than 30USD each sushi at a sushi restaurant😲(This price is called “Jika”, owner decides price depends …

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yakisoba pan

Japanese strange dishes

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Although I’m Japanese, there are some Japanese foods that I cannot understand…😨Please don’t laugh at them…some of these foods are delicious more than you think ever!😲 Today, I introduce “slightly” strange Japanese dishes. Yakisoba pan “Yakisoba” means fried noodle,  “Pan” means bread. Yakisoba bread is a bread with yakisoba in. This is …

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Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark “Yakumi” means condiments. We usually use this for toppings or serves at the tables. Today, I would like to introduce Japanese Yakumi. Asatsuki There are 3 kinds of leeks in Japan, Asatsuki, Wakegi and small leeks. They are so similar that even Japanese can’t really them distinguish. The thicker they are, …

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Japanese are poor…our summer vacation and Obon festival.

Do you know how many days of Japanese summer vacation? The correct answer is for 3 days. Everybody say “You joke! hahaha” … yeah, I would like to say this is joking…but, it is a true.  Actually,13 – 15thAug.These 3 days are very short summer vacation called “Obon-yasumi”. Today, I introduce Japanese the Obon vacation. Obon-yasumi …

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Seasonings 3

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Japanese basic seasonings are sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, and miso.  Today, I talk about basic seasonings in Japan. It must be useful for those who want to know Japanese cuisine well. Sugar We use mainly “Johaku-tou” for Japanese cooking. This sugar is often said “custard sugar”, “superfine sugar” and so …

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