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Japanese Onigiri seasoning & fillings (おにぎり)

“Onigiri” (おにぎり) is one of the Japanese soul food.  This is called “Omusubi (おむすび) also. “When we have been for long time by business trip or study abroad, we always miss Ramen, Sushi or this Onigiri. Today, I would like to introduce Japanese soul food ,Onigiri. Contents Onigiri meaningHow to make onigiriOnigiri makingOnigiri pro-use moldOnigiri …

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Sushi chef training in Japan (Itamae 板前修業)

The chef of Japanese restaurant or Sushi restaurant are called “Itamae (板前)”.“Ita (板)” means a counter. “mae (前)” means ahead. The chef’s top is called “Hanaita (花板)”. Japanese cuisine that Itamae cooks in front of the customer.Therefore, failure and cheating are never allowed.  Today, I talk about real sushi chef of Japanese cuisine “Itamae (板前)”. …

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6 basic Japanese Seasonings(和食調味料)

I already introduced Japanese unique seasonings that I had never seen overseas before. Today I would like to introduce some unique Japanese seasonings again. I have never seen some of them overseas. I hope you like them🙂 Contents Ume aji (梅味)Umeboshi (梅干し)Shiso (しそ / 紫蘇)Kuromitsu (黒蜜)Kakuni (角煮)Mentsuyu (めんつゆ)Ponzu (ポン酢)Wasabi (わさび)Ume aji (梅味) Have you ever …

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14 Oden ingredients eaten in Japan(おでん)

Oden is one of the typical Japanese hot pot dishes. You can eat them at convenience stores in winter. Today,  I would like to introduce Oden, a winter dish loved by Japanese😋 Contents Oden meaning (おでん)Oden recipeEdo style oden recipe(江戸前おでん)Misonikomi oden recipe (味噌煮込みおでん)Kyofu recipe (京風おでん)Oden day (おでんの日)Oden Tane (Oden Ingredients)Daikon (大根)Boiled eggs (ゆで卵)Tighten Kombu(締め昆布)Konnyaku (こんにゃく)Nerimono …

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