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Japanese Navy Curry 2

Curry was the secret to the strength of the Japanese Navy?

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Yokosuka is in Kanagawa prefecture next Tokyo. There are Japanese and U.S. Navy there. (But, Japanese navy is not navy actually, they are self-diffence force,though) The town is known as curry and gourmet town also.  Yokosuka Curry is based on the actual curry that the Navy eats on board. Today, I …

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Japanese Navy Curry 2

Retort Curry 4

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Yokosuka is one of city name near Tokyo. There is American & Japanese navy(Actually Japanese has a self-defense force, not navy). The curry of this navy is known as delicious¬† and famous in Japan.¬† Japanese navy has a curry lunch every Friday. Because they get loosen a sense of what day …

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retort curry 3

Retort Curry 3

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Although, I know the word of “Retort” means “Instant”, it’s hard to distinguish another page, “instant noodles” and “instant foods”. So I’ve decided to call it as “Retort curry” to differentiate it from them.(Japanese pronunciation is “Retoruto”, though) Today I’m going to introduce you to different types of retort curries. Demiglace …

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Instant Noodles 1

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark There are many types of instant food in Japan. These are including cup foods, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, retort curries, and this instant noodles. These instant noodles were invented by Japanese to be cheap, tasty and easy and store for a long time. As a result, there are countless varieties and …

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retort curry 2

Retort Curry 2

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark The curry is very much loved from adults to children in Japan. We have many kinds of instant curries also. Today I introduce instant curries that only Japanese know. (Because, there are not overseas.) Bon curry This curry has been loved by Japanese for over 50 years. The package design is …

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