Canned Foods 5

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Japanese canned foods aren’t just for dishes. There are canned fruits overseas, but in Japan there are also desserts. Today I’d like to introduce you to a dessert canned food. Anmitsu “Anmitsu” means sweet bean jam and treacle, contains agar-jelly cubes, black soy beans, azuki, and pieces of some fruits. Japanese …

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Canned Foods 4

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Japanese food has a healthy image, but what I introduce you today,  are juicy meats canned foods only. So I do not recommend you read it in the middle of the night…these are not for diet.You must be a bit peckish again. Today I’m going to introduce you canned foods that …

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Canned Foods 3

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark In Japan, deli foods are tasty and cheap, so I don’t know why there are canned foods. Deli foods are tastier and cheaper than canned food…so I think these are emergency foods. So today, I introduce emergency-for-Sake-Lovers-canned foods. kara-age Karaage is kinds of fried food. It’s better the fresh off the …

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Canned Foods 2

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark There are many unique canned foods in Japan, there are local original canned foods also. They were originally made as emergency foods, but nowadays most of them changed as snacks for Sake. If these were emergency foods, I wouldn’t be able to stop drinking Sake… Today, I introduce unique Japanese canned …

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