14 Types of Japanese Food You Must Know (日本料理)

Bento, Sushi, Kaiseki…Although there are many kinds of Japanese foods. How many kinds do you know them? Today, I introduce the typical Japanese food types. Contents Japanese food typeSushi (寿司 / 鮨)Kaiseki ryori (懐石料理)Ryakushiki-kaiseki (略式懐石)kaiseki ryori for Party (会席料理)Donburimono (丼物)Bento (弁当)Ori (折り)Makunouchi Bento (幕の内弁当)Makunouchi bento recipeShokadou Bento (松花堂弁当)Bento recipeMother’s voiceEkibenEkiben mannerAgemono (揚げ物)Nabe ryori (鍋料理)Nabe bugyo …

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Japanese Onigiri seasoning & fillings (おにぎり)

“Onigiri” (おにぎり) is one of the Japanese soul food.  This is called “Omusubi (おむすび) also. “When we have been for long time by business trip or study abroad, we always miss Ramen, Sushi or this Onigiri. Today, I would like to introduce Japanese soul food ,Onigiri. Contents Onigiri meaningHow to make onigiriOnigiri makingOnigiri pro-use moldOnigiri …

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10 Healthy Seaweeds You should know!(海藻)

I’ve heard that foreigners take kombu into a bathtub for thalassotherapy…but the Japanese NEVER do that. Because, kombu is for foods in Japan. When talk about this food to westerners, I was said “It’s joke…”We must feel gross each other.😅 Today I introduce representative Japanese seaweed. Contents Nori(海苔 / のり)Ariake nori (有明のり)Tsukudani (佃煮)Wakame (わかめ / …

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