oiled Shishamo capelins

Canned foods that go well with the Sake

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Today’s canned foods are unique fish cans. Not only it works well with Japanese sake, but also they matches with wine and beer. Today, we introduce interesting and unique Japanese canned foods! Shishamo “Shishamo” means¬†capelin, I already talked it.This is the capelin dipped into olive oil. Although we’ve seen oil sardines …

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Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark It is said “kawakimono” kinds of the snacks of alcohol as dried foods. When drinking at home or in Izakaya pub, Japanese often eat them with shochu, beer or Chuhai. Today, I introduce you to some dried foods that Japanese often eat. Surume (Atarime) “Surume” means dried squid. I’ve heard that …

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