Month: July 2020


When the Japanese get angry

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Japanese is the masochist I think almost all Japanese is the masochist (Japanese calls such person as “do M”) . Japanese commutes on a crowded train without complaining even in Corona.  Typhoon? Flood? Earthquakes? We do not care. We never stop working like ants every day.  Japanese  people is not working …

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Seasonings 2

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark I already introduce Japanese unique seasonings that I had never seen overseas before last time. Today I would like to introduce some unique seasonings again. I have never seen some of them overseas. I hope you like them🙂 Ume aji Have you ever seen Japanese red soured pickled plum is called …

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Instant curry 1

Retort Curry 1

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Indians may be amazed that Japanese loves curry very much. We curry season hot pot, noodle and junk foods even! So that Instant curry was created by a Japanese person who wants to eat curry quickly, deliciously and easily. Today, I introduce 4 types of instant curry. Shonan Keema curry This …

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Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Oden is one of the typical Japanese hot pot dishes. You can eat them at convenience stores in winter. It is often served as sake snacks at small Oden pubs. These ingredients are also referred to as “Oden-dane”. Today,  I would like to introduce Oden, a winter dish loved by Japanese😋 …

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Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark “Nerimono ” means the fish paste products. There are many kinds of Nerimono in Japan.  We usually eat them into Oden,(Hot pot), just bake, or without adding anything. Today, I would like to introduce “the Nerimono” that Japanese loves! Chikuwa Chikuwa means bamboo ring.  This shape looks like a bamboo with …

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