Month: July 2020


Japanese Ramen definition (ラーメン)

First of all, it’s best not to read this article after dinner. Because you must want to have a dinner again.Japanese often eat ramen after Izakaya, so we must get be fat in the future… Today, I introduce basic Japanese Ramen loved around the world. Contents Ramen meaningRamen recipeTsukemen(つけめん)Hiyashi-chuka (冷やし中華)TasteShouyu (しょうゆ)Miso (みそ)Tonkotsu (とんこつ)Hakata city (博多市)Mentaiko …

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Japanese Onigiri seasoning & fillings (おにぎり)

“Onigiri” (おにぎり) is one of the Japanese soul food.  This is called “Omusubi (おむすび) also. “When we have been for long time by business trip or study abroad, we always miss Ramen, Sushi or this Onigiri. Today, I would like to introduce Japanese soul food ,Onigiri. Contents Onigiri meaningHow to make onigiriOnigiri makingOnigiri pro-use moldOnigiri …

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Sushi chef training in Japan (Itamae 板前修業)

The chef of Japanese restaurant or Sushi restaurant are called “Itamae (板前)”.“Ita (板)” means a counter. “mae (前)” means ahead. The chef’s top is called “Hanaita (花板)”. Japanese cuisine that Itamae cooks in front of the customer.Therefore, failure and cheating are never allowed.  Today, I talk about real sushi chef of Japanese cuisine “Itamae (板前)”. …

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