The Kotowaza – Japanese saying related to foods

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark It’s said people can do things easily in English, “A piece of cake!”. Japanese says “Before breakfast”. This means for little time from getting up to breakfast. This hour is very busy,right? It is said in Korea, Eating cold rice porridge. In spain, pan comida(already ate pan means). Wouldn’t it be interesting …

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Moon & Food

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Everywhere in the world, when you see the moon, I seem people wants to name it. But for Japanese people, the moon makes us hungry. Today I talk about moon and foods in Japan. What’s on the moon in your country? I have heard  there is a girl holding a thread …

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When the Japanese get angry

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Japanese is the masochist I think almost all Japanese is the masochist (Japanese calls such person as “do M”) . Japanese commutes on a crowded train without complaining even in Corona.  Typhoon? Flood? Earthquakes? We do not care. We never stop working like ants every day.  Japanese  people is not working …

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Onomatopoeia of foods in Japanese 1

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Do you know Onomatopoeia? This means  sound effects often used in manga, like “bang” ,”boon”. We use onomatopoeia in ordinary conversation. For example, crunchy is often expressed by Japanese as “Kari kari”,”Pori pori “,”Bori bori”,and”Gari gari”. We use different expressions depending foods. I can not introduce all of them, because, there …

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