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Health-conscious instant noodles for vegetarians

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Basically, Ramen noodles use a chemical seasoning called “kansui”, carbonate water to make the noodles chewy and to enhance its flavor. But SOKENSHA noodles do not contain such them. In addition, this company don’t use any meat broth. Today, I introduce the ramen that’s perfect for the health-conscious! Onomichi Ramen “Onomichi” …

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Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark The goo rankings surveyed what are the most popular instant noodles in Japan. (in April 2020) Today I’m going to introduce you the best popular 3 instant Ramen! No3. Chicken Ramen We lovingly call it “Chickiller”.It’s the world’s first instant food that has been loved all over Japan for over 60 …

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Instant Noodle 4

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark These instant ramen are not typical Japanese ramen. But there are some ramen that are so good taste that it’s hard to think of them as instant noodles. You can eat them in only Japan because they are not exported to overseas countries. Today I’d like to introduce an unusual instant …

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Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark There are many kinds of instant foods in Japan.  These linds are not only ramen. Today, I introduce the classics and unique instant noodles. Santouka This Instant ramen from a ramen resutautrant in Hokkaido”Ramen Santouka”. This ramen restaurant is more overseas than in Japan. The noodle is as same as Homba …

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