Cup foods

Japanese cup foods 8

Cup Foods 8

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark While I write this article, new cup foods launch every week… Today I’m going to introduce you to a pretty unique cup of noodles. Perori There is an instant noodle “UFO Yakisoba”, that has long loved by Japanese. It is written this noodle is a chewier of UFO. Like Peyong, this …

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Japanese cup foods 7

Cup Foods 7

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark In Japan, new cup of noodles are launched every month. Some of them are sold only for a limited season. Today I introduce two classic cup noodles and one new one. Chicken ramen Chicken ramen is one of the most beloved instant noodles among the Japanese. This is not an instant …

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Cup foods 6

Cup Foods 6

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark We don’t want to eat hot cup foods in the summer. So Japanese have developed Cold Cup noodles. Today, I introduce 3 type of cold cup noodles. Shiru nashi men Zero “Shiru nashi men” means without soup noodle. “Zero” means zero gram of carbohydrate😮 This cup noodle made of agar and …

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Cup foods 5

Cup Foods 5

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark The idea that junk foods and cup noodles are bad for your health is old type thinking in Japan. Today, I can eat much,but we can loose weight?! I would like to Introduce healthy 3 cup noodles. Wakame ramen Wakame means young kombu, which means the sprout before becoming kelp. We …

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Cup food4

Cup Foods 4

Twitter Youtube Pinterest Bookmark Not wanna spend time, Just wanna eat yummy food…Cup foods were developed for the WAGAMAMA(Selfish) Japanese. Today, I introduce Japanese cup noodles stand the test of time! Akai Kitsune Udon “Akai”means red, “Kitsune” means fox. This Maru-chan’s cup udon has been loved by Japanese for over 50 years. Why fox ? …

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