Not just Ozeki! Japanese cup sake (カップ酒)

 A cup of sake is not a bottle, but a glass with a lid. As soon as open the lid, you can drink it straight from the glass directly.
In Japan, it is called “Kappuzake”. A cup means a glass.

Today, I introduce the coolest cup Sakes haven’t seen ever.

What is Kappuzake? (カップ酒)

Originally, this sake was for old men only, a sake that tasted kind-a- Sake and getting for around 2 USD per cup. So it was not a luxury and uncool… it was also the sake for people who just needed to get drunk.

This has changed in the last decade or so, with fashionable cups for young people.

Unit Gou (合)

Each glass contains 180 ml. This Japanese unit of measurement for one cup of sake is called “Gou(合)”
So, this is 1-gou.

A bottle of sake is said to be 1.8 liters (about 0.5 gallons).

To complicate matters, the unit of measure for rice is also used, but the volume is different from that of liquid.


Tokkuri (徳利 / とっくり)

This 1 cup is the same capacity as Tokkuri (Sake decanter), not ochoko cup.

This tokkuri is designed to be chilled with ice inside.

What kind of sake is used?


Cups of sake are usually made from Futsu-shu.

Sake is divided 2 categories. One is called “Honjozo type(本醸造) is alcohols are added to sake to make it more fruity and aromatic.

On the other hand, The sake without added alcohol is called Junmai type(純米酒).


Seimaibuai means Milling rate, is the percentage of rice that is polished off. The more the rice is polished, the taste is close to cleaner and remove miscellaneous taste.
The miscellaneous taste is called ” Zatsumi (雑味)” , this means also odd taste.
It’s like the Japanese people who does not have individuality. Hahaha

The rice has each individuality.
Real Sake lovers recognize miscellaneous taste is one of the their own original character.

I prefer Junmai-shu to Ginjo.

Where can you get cup sake?

In Japan, the minimum age for drinking is 20. ID is required when buying.

Cups of sake can be found at any convenience store or supermarket, but I recommend Kakuyasu and Yamaya for getting cheaper than them. 

Shinjuku Chidoriashi (千酉足)

”Chidoriashi” means drunken staggering.
You are here to enjoy 200 different cupsake!! But unfortunately it’s only in Japanese language… so it’s best to go with a Japanese person.


This izakaya is temporarily closed under Corona.
Address: Tops Fs Bldg., 8F, 3 Chome-20-6, Shinjuku City, Shinjuku, 160-0022 Tokyo
Phone: +81363841881

32 cups Ishikawa Jizake

Local sake is called “Jizake(地酒)” in Japanese. This set is 32 cups of local sake in Ishikawa prefecture, one of the famous Sake provinces in Japan. Ishikawa prefecture is one of the famous many beauties also…unfortunately, they are not set.

You can buy them at Rakuten.

Kawaii cup sake

Here is a Kawaii set of cups of sake. Of course they are so yummy that i recommend you them. 

If you bring it to a sake party, you can be topic leader ,right?

Nyan cup sake

“Nyan” is a cat’s meow.

This glass of Sake is also called “One-cup” a play on the words “One” and “Nyan”.
In Japan, dogs make a “wan wan” sound, but I don’t know why there are no dog cups.

How to drink?


The cups of liquor have pull tops, so there is no need for can openers or cups. moreover, It has a plastic lid!

Dorinking at home is called “Ienomi” and we have enjoy them under covid-19.
Let’s enjoy Ienomi with kappuzake!

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