Enjoy ramen! “Ramen street” @ Tokyo Station

If you have a craving for ramen around Tokyo Station, I would definitely recommend “Ramen Street” in the underground mall of Tokyo Station.

Today, I introduce Ramen street in Tokyo station.

What is "Ramen Street"?

There are many of them not only in Tokyo Station, but also in Shimbashi and Sapporo in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is known as “Ramen Yokochou” and serves miso butter ramen.
There’s also a vegan-only ramen restaurant in Tokyo Station! Due to their location, many of the restaurants speak English or Chinese.



The concept of this ramen street is “Enjoying a 7 flavors every day”. Now there are 8 restaurants, because they have Tsukemen…this does not mean Japanese week has for 8days.

In addition, these restaurants change seasonally, so you can enjoy a different flavor each season.

Where they are?

tokyo ramen street

I will describe more details of information, but it is located in the underground of Tokyo Station.
The Tokyo Station underground mall is fun enough to kill a whole day in! Here looks like a dream town for kids and anime nerds, lined with character goods stores.

By the way, the word “Nerd” is not discriminatory at all in Japan.
Their cosplay is rather “Art nouveau”.

Tsujita Miso ramen

I like miso ramen, so I chose Tsujita Miso Ramen Shop.
Purchase a meal ticket by the ticket machine in the back (English Available) and have a seat at an available table.
Don’t worry, covid-19 is well protected in Japan. You can see alcohol disinfectant everywhere,right?

What kinds of flavour?

tsujita miso ramen

This was a miso ramen with the sweetness of onions. Tsujita is famous for its soup thick pork and seafood tsukemen pioneer.

Recently, a tantanmen restaurant named “Seito masamune” has been established. “Seito” means one of the Chinese city “Chengdu”. “Masamune” means the Chinese word for “zhèngzōng”.

They may be wanted to say “Authentic-Chinese-tantanmen-noodle”. (I’ve been to Chengdu…I’m sure it’s quite different, though. )

Anyway, Japanese style tantanmen is a soup one, so you should try it.


Tsujita Miso no shou

Add: 9-1, Marunouchi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Tel: +81 03 65 51 20 28
Source: https://tsukemen-tsujita.com/?hl=en

Everyday: 1000-2100
No smoking / No accept any credit card

Next time, I’ll try the vegan ramen!

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