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Scarely! About izakaya Bottakuri bar in Japan

rip-off bar

Bottakuri means Rip-Off.

The case is that foreigners living in Japan cheat  foreign tourists has been an increasing. I have heard by chinese that chinese who lives in Japan cheat Singapore chinese or rich tourist from China recently.

There was such a terrible incident 2 years ago.

Hossen Liaquat, a Bangladeshi bar owner, was arrested for making unauthorized payments with the credit card of a British man who was a tourist in Japan.

A fellow Chinese woman ,Zhōumèngyùn 周夢 韻 brought this man to the suspect’s bar and got him drunk. Using the same method, they misused the credit cards of 1,300 foreign tourists. The total amount of damage was about 6.6 million USD.

Source (in Japanese only):

Today I’d like to introduce you to a rip-off bar.

These cases are the Bottakuri bar

bottakuri bar girl

If a asian woman picks you up at night and asks you in English, “Why don’t you have a drink with me? “ She must be a whore or a clerk at a rip-off bar.

Moreover, she is not Japanese. If an Asian talks to you in English “You can see cute Japanese girls there!”

Unfortunately, they must be a clerk at a rip-off bar.

Moreover they are not Japanese.

There are 3 reasons they are not Japanese.

Why are you so sure they are not Japanese?

Because, there are 3 reasons as follows.

1 Japanese people can not speak English at all

english cards

As you know, Japanese travelers do not speak English except to their guides, right?

Although Japanese people learn English for 10years at school, we cannot speak it at all.

Because English and Japanese have completely different grammar, so it is difficult to study for us.

Police officers, train station clerks, and store clerks even…can not speak English.

However, they are kind enough to show you the way and take you there… in Japanese language.

I’m better than them though…

2 Japanese don't talk to foreigners

No English

As mentioned in the first point, we don’t talk to foreigners in English.

However, we can understand English words.

3 Japanese deceive only Japanese people.

Japanese do not cheat foreigners because they would rather get along with them.

Of course, there are many swindlers in Japan. But, usually they chea5 Japanese only.

Typical area


In Tokyo, Shinjuku and Roppongi.

Because, many foreign tourists come to girl haunting in these areas.

Besides, many chinese people have be cheated by Chinese who lives in Ikebukuro at night. Because   northern Ikebukuro is china town.

How to prevent damage

bottakuri girl

The following are techniques of the rip-offs in Japan.

1 Being spoken to by a couple of people

The number of such cases is increasing especially at night in Shinjuku and Roppongi.

They aim for Westerners traveling alone, and talk to tourists by a few people.


2 Taking you to an inconspicuous bar

You can find decent clubs at a glance because people lined up outside. 

I don’t recommend you to go to bars alone without introduction by a Japanese person. (Bartenders do not speak English, of course.) It is safer to use the hotel bar, if you want to go there.

3 Asian woman talks you in English

Japanese girl

Be careful, especially with Westerners.

Young Japanese girls dye their hair blonde or light brown like this photo. 

So the typical Japanese women as you imagine…the black hair and asian eyes…may not be a Japanese.


Of course there are real clubs and those are fun…it is no match for there in Berlin, though. Berliner club is the best around the world. I miss Berlin night…

Enjoy Tokyo Night life!

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