giri chocolate

Tirol chocolate is the most loved by Japanese

Tirol choco

A unique custom of Japanese girls​

In Japan, there is a custom of women giving chocolates to men as a confession of love on Valentine’s Day, February 14.( Almost all Japanese are Buddhist, though)

This has now become a custom to send as just a small token of gratitude to friends or their boss.  This chocolate is called “Giri-choco” . (The real meaning of “Giri” is obligatory.  But, this is not compulsory.)

Furthermore, there is an “unspoken rule” that men must repay three times the amount they received!

For this reason, the Chocolate Festival opens in Japan after January New Year’s Day until February 14th every year.

exclusive chocolates

The exclusive chocolates, Usd5 each, GODIVA,Pierre Marcolini, and Jean Paul Evan, etc… as well as a variety of  chocolaterie opens there. 

Yvan Valentin


Especially, Yvan Valentin from LA is the legendary chocolate. This is sold up for only 5-10 min every year. (Actually, I took a day off from work to get this chocolate.)

But the most beloved chocolate in Japan is not these chocolates.

The name of this chocolate is “ Tirol Choco”.

For Japanese people,

Speaking of chocolate, this is Tirol choco.

Speaking of Tyrol in Austria-No kangaroo-,this is Tirol choco.

(Almost all Japanese cannot distinguish Australia and Austria. Although my uncle is Austrian, every my relatives imagined kangaroos and koalas)

Today I would like to introduce you to -No Kangaroo-Tirol choco.

What is Tirol chocolate?

Tirol chocolate has been loved by Japanese people since it was founded in 1903.

When the founder visited the Tyrol region of Austria, he loved the Tyrol region and named it…spell is mistaken, though…

This company received a letter of appreciation in Tyrol region by the local state tourism bureau for the achievement of spreading the name of Tyrol to Japan, and it is still certified by there.

Tirol chocolate

This chocolate is very popular among children to adults because even children can buy them for only 10 cent each. Because it’s size is 1 inch square.

The barcode display made them little bit larger and the price was rised to 20 cent 30 years ago.

Amazingly, this  chocolate company sells 400 million USD every year!

Tirol choco

400 different kinds of chocolates are sold so far.

You can get them next to the cash register at convenience stores, just like candies.

What does it taste like?

Tirol chocolate

These chocolates have with fresh cream or cookies inside that are a feast for the eyes.

chocolate with message

Here is a chocolate with a message I got at the flagship store (a little bit expensive, 80 cents each). Right side is written “from beauty”.

The message of left is “Bribe“.

It must work well, when you need help.This is easy to understand.

Why not send your gratitude by Tirol chocolate?

sakura mochi chocolate

This is a limited time in spring. The sakura mochi taste. 

It really has Domyoji bean paste inside!


There is a special event called Tango-no-Sekku in Japan in May.

This is a display for the event.

The flagship in Tokyo.

shop Tirol choco

The flagship store of Tyrol Choco is now open in Akihabara.

I hope you can find your favorite Tirol chocolate!


shop Tirol choco

4-5-4 sotokanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

JR, Metro Hibiya line

Akihabara station, Denkidai south exit 6min on foot

Metro Ginza line 

Suehirocho station No.1 exit 1min on foot


Tel 05 70 06 45 30

credit card accept

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