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Ginza Kagari (銀座 篝)is the Michelin star ramen

I eat 50 ramen a year.

This is about the average for Japanese people. There are so many different flavors of ramen in Japan that I could eat it every week and never get tired of it.

The soup is oily and not so much good for your health indeed. Therefore, I seldom finish the entire soup.

Although I’ve probably eaten 1,500 kinds of ramen in my life, I’ve finished drinking up the soup only 3 times in my life. 

One of them is this Kagari soup.

Today I would like to introduce Ginza Kagari, the first ramen restaurant to win the Michelin Star.

Micheline’s first star ramen restaurant

Michelin guide


This ramen restaurant is the first ramen restaurant to receive a Michelin star in 2019. (…But I couldn’t find them this, though)

This Kagari’s pai tang soup.

It is brightly colored some unique Japanese vegetables and only two slices of chicken. To be honest, my first impression is that this is pleasant to the eyes, but may not enough to fill the stomach. Especially for men. It seems the color of soup is little oiler than the other pai tang ramen’s one…well,I am sorry I belittled it.

Golden soup


Source: Tabelog

First of all, this soup is different from other pai tang soup ramen in that it is richer than golden color. Not Yellow, GOLD!

Generally speaking, this chicken broth like this need to add the other stocks for it richer.

Chinese people use scallop or seafood stocks, and French people would use vegetable broth…But I can not imagine Kagari’s one what kinds of broth they use.

It doesn’t smell like seafood, or vegetables…Next bowl of right side is toppings.

It’s true that golden soup is one of the deciding factor for Michelin stars.


urawa kagari

This ingredient was strongly shocking for me!

Although I have been eating ramen for over 30 years, I haven’t seen ever. These ingredients seems healthy despite the ramen! Because they are very vegetarian!

Gobo (burdock root), red turnip,rape blossoms,tomato,glazed yuzu and the chicken which is soft and has a texture like eating white fish, are all from Kyoto.

I have never imagined that Kyoto vegetables and ramen could go together so well… Can you imagine?

Kyotoan vegetables are expensive and taste is elegant. They are called “kyo-yasai” specially.

Kagari at Urawa city is better than Ginza

urawa city

Urawa city is the most popular Japanese football team. There is next Tokyo and here looks like a brooklyn in new york.

Here becomes popular among Japanese who lives in Tokyo.

I just moved  near Urawa recently. Because here is not different from Tokyo. Moreover, all cost is lower than Tokyo.

This Kagari is along Urawa station.

Ginza flagship is always waiting for a few hours(not minutes!). But here is very secret place for only Saitama people.

If you come to Japan, you will try this golden soup.


Ginza Kagari at Urawa


Atre Urawa

1-16-12 Takasago Urawa-ku, Saitama

JR Keihin tohoku line / Takasaki line

Urawa station. Western side(Nishi guchi) 2min on foot

Tel. 81 48 88 30 208

Open: 1100-2300

Holiday: Depends on Atre shopping center

Budget: USD10-


1. cash only( Electric money is available) not accept credit cards!

2. They do not have any their own website…unbelievable…

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