Amazake(甘酒) is the meal replacement in Japan

Have you ever heard the word of “Meal replacement“?

 This means foods that contain all the nutrients you need to maintain good health. 

For example, eggs,Natto, and the soylent…I don’t think so.

Today, I introduce Amazake kind a Japanese Sake.

What is “Amazake”?


The Amazake means “Sweeten Sake” which is made by fermented rice or sake lees and sugar. Some of Japanese adds grated ginger into it.

This seems like Vin chaud(hot wine in french)is often sold in the food stalls during winter festivals.

Although children can not drink Sake before 20 years old (this means In Japan, the age of becoming adult is 20 year), this Amazake is OK.

What are the benefits of amazake?


This warms the body and it is said to not only clear the skin, but also make it finer.

In Japan, it is much more popular than the Kombucha…by the way, kombucha is for old, though in Japan.

There is a pack called Sake-facepack in Japan. We often use this pack after sunburn especially.

Where can you drink amazake?


We drink it at shrines or food stalls of festivals.
In Japan, they are also sold in cans in vending machines and supermarkets.

amazake can

This is amazake can that I got in vender machine at station. 

In Japan, drinking sake at republic place or in the train are not banned.

How to make the Amazake?


●Hot water 200ml

●Sake lees 30g

●Sugar 15g

3steps the amazake making!

  1. Tear the sake lees into bite-sized pieces and add them to the boiling water.
  2. Turn the heat to low and stir until the sake lees melt.
  3. Add the sugar after they are completely melt. Also add ginger if you like.

I usually buy them at supermarket. There are many kinds of this all year long in Japan. So please check it by Youtube. 

Sake kasu


Japanese woman often make Sakekasu (Sake lees). 

Because we do not only drink sake lees as amazake, but also use it as a face pack.

Check it out !

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