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Unique Japanese Canned soups & drinks

There are Campbell soups by USA makers in Japan. Corn potage, Clam chowder, tomato… very good taste. We really love them.

But they are sorry, because they think into

 “All people must drink soup in their house only.” 


To Campbell soup in Japan

They must not want us to drink this soup. Because they want to monopolize these tasty soups by their own…Or they are lazy.

If I was a president of Campbell soup company, I have a confidence to increase 20 times their proceeds in Japan.

So, they are very “Zan-nen” company.
 (Zan-nen means “It’s a shame” or “disappointed”)

So, today I would like to introduce you to canned drinks that is drunk outside the home in Japan.

This photo is a generally juice vending machine that you see everywhere in Japan. You can find them not only in the city, but also in shrines, mountains or the graveyard. 

The body buy juices? In Japan, might be.

The bottle of water of Mt.Fuji is sold near the top of Fujiyama…Moreover, You can buy the canned air at Mt.Fuji. Oh…I found Berliner and Swiss’s canned air, too…I miss Berlin.


vending machine in Japan
I would like to talk to Campbell Soup Company about them. Hot soup is sold at vending machines in stations

Corn soup

canned corn soup

This corn soup contains real grain corns.

canned corn soup mouth

Moreover, this mouse of can has wider than ordinary juice’s one,because we can easy to drink soup with grains! 

Perfect,right ?!

Chineese soups

There are also shark fin soup, or mapo tofu soup that you would buy up if you were Chinese. 

These are hot enough to replace body warmers, and some people keep them in their pockets instead of drinking them when waiting for a train for a long time in the cold winter.

Canned miso soup

canned miso soup

This miso soup contains a lot of ornithine, amino acids. You might be able to work 24 hours a day.

It is much better than for your health “Monster” or ” Red bull”…To be honest, in Japan, there are many energy drinks. 

Well…I will talk about them on another time. But you shouldn’t expect them at all. Because Japanese are the weakest libido in the world as you know😏

Pumpkin soup

This soup is cold malone and pumpkin potage.

In addition to this, there is also a cold potato potage.

If your company want to survive under Covid-19.

So, the Campbell should sell their tasty soups more in Japan after changing their shape. They need to change their way of sales. 

French companies should also consider overseas expansion in Japan. Because, Japanese loves the French foods now then.

As for foods and anime, Japan is the most advance in the world, Not in China or Korea.

Because, Japanese knows what was popular in Japan will become popular in Taiwan and Hong-kong at first, then in other Chinese big city like Shanghai.

If you want to take shares in Asia, you should come to Japan first.

A pinch brings you a chance!

The food industry should be able to do better.

We can no longer go back to the life we had before covid19. That’s why we have to create a world that we can enjoy even in this such a closed world.

Anyway, I hope you can be enjoy under the covid-19 like Japanese people.

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