Ramen shop “kawasaki Seimen jo” in Warabi station

When I went to Kawaguchi city where is in Saitama prefecture next Tokyo, I found this ramen shop near Warabi station. As this ramen is more tasty than I expected, I introduce this ramen shop.

This is different from automobile maker or city name in Kanagawa prefecture. This shop real name is “The ago daishi Kawasaki seimen jo” actually. “ago daishi” means the stock of flying fish, similar to niboshi.

but more clear and easy to eat. not too much fishy smell like niboshi.

“Seimen jo” means homemade noodle shop. A flag in front of shop is written “Homemade noodles” So, here is a proud of noodles.

My choice is ajitama-ramen. “Ajitama” means soy source seasoned soft-boiled egg. so outside of this egg is brown color…not damn.

This is soy sauce & Tonkotsu. Tonkotsu means pork bone stock. Although Tonkotsu base ramen is too oily to eat much, this taste is not oily too much. I prefer ago daishi to Tonkotsu.

There is noodle factory inside. Of course, Perfect covid-19 protection.

Toppings are nori seaweed, bamboo shoots, wild chervil, chopped leeks, roasted pork and Ajitama. The taste is a crispy soy sauce taste that you won’t get tired of. There are also pork bones and spicy taste.

one topping free next time

I got a coupon 1 topping free next time!

Agodahi Kawasaki Seimen jo

Add: :〒335-0002 Tsukakoshi 1-7-4 Warabi, Saitama

TEL: 048-299-6808

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