The Seppuku-Monaka is a traditional wagashi at Ginza for 70 years.

What is Kuya?

kuya shouting

Kuya is a monk 1000 years ago. (This pronunciation is “KUUYA” exactly)

It is said when he chanted the sutra, the sutra appeared as a letter. I do not know why this shop is named as this monk, but this Japanese sweet is loved by Japanese for long time.

Actually, the Kuya is not name of sweets, this is shop name in Ginza, Tokyo. They sell 7,000 monaka every day.

What is the Monaka?

Monaka is a sweetened red soybean paste, anko sandwiched by crisp wafers.

Why is this named as “ The Seppuku monaka “?

kuya monaka
The reason why the monaka in this shop is popular?


Because this monaka name is “Seppuku monaka”.(“Seppuku” means Harakiri!)

The shape looks like Seppuku. So we often bring them as a token apology when we must apologize to someone with the feeling of seppuku.

At least, we apologize 7,000 times a day. Hahaha

How can you get them?

kuya monaka at Ginza

You can’t buy this Japanese sweet without a reservation in Japanese language.  So when you want to eat this sweet, it may be the best way you get angry to Japanese, then ask them as a token apology.

The train was delayed by 3 minutes too! or I waited for 2minutes too at a fast food restaurant …there are many reasons.


Well, they are joke… ask them to your hoteliers on the phone. Because, Kuya dose not have their own website and email even like a Showa Era.

Anyway, Good luck!



6-7-19 Ginza Chuoh-ku, Tokyo

JR Keihintohoku / JRYamate line / Metro Yurakucho line

Yurakucho station  7min on foot

Metro Ginza / Marunouchi / Hibiya line 

Ginza station B5  2min on foot

Tel:03 35 71 33 04

Open: 1000-1700 Close:Sunday 

No website


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