oiled Shishamo capelins

Canned foods that go well with the Sake

We often have canned food parties. You don’t need any cooking, and it tastes fabulous great as it is. Japanese canned foods are not so difference from deli foods.
It must be make for a great instagrammable party!

Today, I introduce interesting and unique Japanese canned foods!

Komochi Shishamo (子持ちししゃも)

oiled Shishamo capelins

“Komochi Shishamo” means capelin with roe
This is the capelin dipped into olive oil. Although we’ve seen oil sardines well, Shishamo is rare, right?
Japanese eat dried capelin after it roasted.

How's taste ?

oiled Shishamo capelins

It’s tightly packed inside. It’s really the “packed oil sardines “. ( In Japan, this metaphor is not “Sardines” but “Sushi”, though)

Surprisingly, this can be a great match for a crisp sake!

Where can you get ?

You can purchase them at Rakuten Ichiba or urban supermarket only. If you buy them in bulk, you can save a lot of money and they are not expensive at all. I recommend buying them in bulk.(This is 10 pieces.)

Indeed there are other canned shishamo, but this maker is a luxury product and can be served as a party food!

maguro no oniku

It’s written this is tail meat of tuna. I already explain about “O”, tail of tuna.

Yamatoni (大和煮)

If you’re wondering, “What is Yamato-ni?” Most Japanese people can’t answer that question, unfortunately.

The stew that is seasoned with sugar, soy sauce and ginger, like this canned food, is called “Yamatoni (大和煮)”. Origin unknown.

A game meat or peculiar taste meats are seasoned with Yamato-ni well.


Nikogori (にこごり)


When it cools down, the soy-sauce-flavored gelatin hardens, and this food is called “Nikogori (にこごり)”.

You often see pork or chicken jelly in French cuisine. It is a kind of terrine.

Taste is the ginger soy sauce.  If you like terrine, you will enjoy this flavor as a Japanese terrine. 

Where can you get ?

This canned food is actually quite expensive. I got it approx. 7USD! at Ikebukuro seibu dept. If served in a restaurant, it would look like a high class meal. (This packs is 6cans @Rakuten)

There are no other ingredients like this terrine except in Chinese, French and Japanese cuisine, so this is a must-try dish.

Saba no Tomatoni (サバのトマト煮)

saba tomato

“Saba” means mackerel. 
This canned food is  with stewed saba with tomato . 

How's taste ?

saba tomato

It also has potatoes in it. This canned food goes better with beer and red wine than the Sake.

I don’t really recommend it.

Today I introduced rarely canned fishes. The last dish, mackerel stewed in tomatoes, is available at convenience stores, but you can also make it yourself.

See you😀

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