yakiniku kan

Canned foods that be a side dish in one dish

The canned foods do not mean to be emergency foods or to be stored in Japan.

They come in various forms such as bags, cans, and plastic trays, all of which can be kept for a long time.

Today I show you some canned foods that you can use for dinner.

Motsuni (もつ煮)


“Motsu” means tripe. “Ni” means simmered.

So,this is a Japanese tripe canned food. It’s a pack, not a can. Just pop it in the microwave and it’s ready to eat.

How's taste?


It was good looks…for us at least…but the amount is very little, and there is more konjac than motsu…taste is real motsu-ni, though😑

Yakiniku Gyu (焼肉 牛)


“Yakiniku” means grilled meat. “Gyu” means beef. It’s written “The dish I recommend.” This is popular for Sake lovers. 

yakiniku kan

It looks too oily… so it seems to go better Shochu than Sake.

How's taste?​


This isn’t as oily as I thought. It works well like Junmai or full-bodied wine…I guess It might go better with rice rather than Sake.

Tandoori chicken (タンドリーチキン)

Tandoori chicken kan

Indian food is one of the most beloved cuisines in the world. Japanese also love them very much. We eat it in udon, curry don or arrange well.

Japanese canned tandoori chicken as a snack.

How's taste?​​

Tandoori chicken kan

This snack goes better beer than sake because it’s spicy and rich in flavor. Bring out my appetite😋

How about them as a souvenir?

If your friends like Japanese foods, they will be pleased with it because it goes well with Sake.

Deha, matane-🖐

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