All kinds sushi in Japan, with recipes (すし / 寿司)

The sushi you know them are actually many varieties. Moreover, the real name of “Sushi” you call is not just “Sushi”. They have a real name. 

Moreover, There is a sushi jargons used only by Japanese.
Today I introduce you to the real sushi.



Maki-zushi is sushi made by placing ingredients on vinegared rice and wrapping it with nori. In fact, there are many different types.

Futomaki recipe

Futomaki is a sushi roll made of vinegared rice topped with fried egg, cucumber, tuna, shrimp, kanikam(crab stick), etc., and wrapped in nori.
A sushi roll with a lot of seafood such as salmon or scallops is called a “Kaisenmaki (seafood roll)”.

Normally, we use a “makisu” to roll the sushi, but this recipe does not need any tools.

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Hosomaki recipe

Only one ingredient (and wasabi inside) rolled sushi is called “Hosomaki”. This is the tekkamaki.

“Tekka” means Dipping tuna into soy sauce. This Chinese letters consist of “iron” and “fire”. This means tuna flesh looks like a fired iron.

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Hosomaki wrapped with cucumber is called “kappamaki”.

In Japan, there is a yokai called Kappa, which is a kind of goblin that lives in rivers. This one loves cucumbers and Sumo wrestling!

Ehoumaki recipe


“Ehou” means favorable direction. This direction change every year. 

It is said a wish will come true after finishing eat up it at once without saying words while wishes on the day of Setsubun (February 3rd, actually Chinese new year) to the favorable direction.

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“Gunkan” means warship, this is named a warship because it resembles it when viewed from the side.
“maki” means rolled. This is a sushi bound with a strip nori seaweed and topped with sea foods.

Makizushi tool


You need a sushi roll called “Makisu”, a rice scoop “Shamoji”, a bowl “Ohitsu”, and a tongs or chopsticks”Hashi”.


“Makisu” wider bamboo’s one is for Futomaki. Men have larger hands, so this may be better.



“Inari” is a vinegared rice stuffed in a bag of sweetened soy sauce aburaage. This is a favorite food of fox, messengers of the rice god “Inari”. 

Aburaage vs Inari

fushimi inari

You know the most famous Inari shrine is Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto. This is the largest one in Japan, guarded by foxes.

In fact, they love rat tempura, and they say rat tempura and Inarizushi taste similar…
Try rat tempura! I don’t want to, sorry.

Inarizushi recipe


This recipe is for a basic Inarizushi.




Ori (bento), which includes Inarizushi and cut Futomaki, is called “Sukerokuzushi”. “Sukeroku” means one of guy’s name.
This was eaten in Kabuki.



What is called Sushi around the world is actually called “Edomae sushi” or “Nigirizushi”. The originally from Tokyo.  “Edomae” means Tokyo style. and “Nigiri” means hand shaped. 

Originally, it is called only hand-shaped sushi with fishes caught in Tokyo Bay, kinds conger, pickled tuna “zuke” or vinegared shad as toppings.

Neta & Shari


The ingredients are called “Neta”, and vinegared rice is called “Shari”.

You can learn Sushi at this school in English.
Tokyo Sushi Academy


Anago means conger. This shape is similar to eel, but very difference.

This recipe is a grilled Anago with Teriyaki sauce and wrapped by nori. We eat it with salt also.



Kohada means shad, is typical Tokyo sushi. This is usually vinegared.



“Chirashizushi” means vinegared rice topped with a variety of colorful ingredients. We don’t use meat.


Chirashizushi recipe

This recipe is the most colorful, instagrammable! Any ingredient goes well with it except meat.

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“Oshi” means press. In kansai district, Sushi means this Oshizushi. 

So, if you ask them introduce sushi restaurants, you should have to say “Nigirizushi” means.

Oshizushi recipe

“Oshizushi” means pressed sushi.
If you say “I want eat Sushi” in western Japan, this sushi will be served.

Sushi means this Oshizushi for western Japanese. 

The taste varies depends on the family, but it is like a hardened version of chirashi-zushi. Since it is made by pressing, it keeps its shape.


Oshizushi tool


This is pressed sushi mold.
The sushi counters, sushi mold like this are used by Itamae, or Ohitsu(Boiled-rice box) are often made of Hinoki, Japanese cypress wood.

Because, Hinoki has antibacterial properties called Hinokitiol. This mold should be soaked in water before use.



This type sushi is called “Battera” also in Japan. This is named after the Portuguese word for “small boat”.  The shape is similar. 

This is used vinegared mackerel called “Shime-saba”. Place the vinegared rice on pickled white kelp, and the shime saba, then pressed.




“Kazari” means decorations. This is the decorated sushi, originally called “Saikuzushi”.

Kazarizushi recipe

This recipe is basic and easy to cook!

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Shikaimaki recipe

It is originally a local dish from Narita, where Narita Airport is located, and is called “Shikaimaki”.

Shikai means four oceans, and the stripes on the four corners represent ripples. “maki” means roll, this sushi kinds Futomaki.

This recipe is by pro.  This is very useful for you.

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Rollzushi recipe

Colorful and kawaii rolls sushi is very popular in Japan. Because this is easy to make, but instagrammable! 

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Kazari inari recipe

Kazari inari-zushi is the most popular type of sushi in Japan these days. Donut-shaped sushi and temarizushi are also cute, but require a lot of work.

Inari-zushi can be made short cut but more colorful! Depending on the combination of ingredients, there are many variations!

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Temarizushi recipe

This recipe is easy to make and wraps up in plastic wrap so you can keep your hands clean!

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Chakinzushi recipe


This shape sushi is called “Chakinzushi”, vinegared rice and some vegetables wrapped in a thin egg crepe and tight with trefoil stem.

FYI: Rakuten recipe


“Chakin” means  a cloth used to clean the bowl in Chanoyu (Japanese style tea ceremony). The drawstring bag is called a chakin-bag.The Chakinzushi is named after this bag shape.



“Hamaki” means cigar, but there is sushi wrapped in grass. Bamboo leaves are often used because of their antibacterial properties, which makes the rice less rotten.

Masuzushi recipe


“Masu” means trout. So, this is the trout pressed sushi.

This sushi is specialty food  of Toyama prefecture, is a type of pressed sushi.  The trout tastes like a smaller salmon.

This sushi is made by many trout on the top of vinegared rice and pressing. It is often sold as Ekiben.

Masuzushi tool

masuzushi package

This is a bamboo container for the  Masuzushi.



“Kakinoha” means persimmon leaves. This sushi is wrapped in persimmon leaves. 



“Temaki” means hand-rolled. So, this is hand-rolled sushi.

Temakizushi recipe

We open party with Temakizushi party at home. You can choose toppings as like you😋

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Today I introduced the main types of sushi.
Next, I’ll talk about the manners of a sushi restaurant and the sushi experience you can learn in English.

See you soon😉

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