Japanese Navy Curry 2

Curry was the secret to the strength of the Japanese Navy?

Yokosuka is in Kanagawa prefecture next Tokyo. There are Japanese and U.S. Navy there. (But, Japanese navy is not navy actually, they are self-diffence force,though)

The town is known as curry and gourmet town also. 

Yokosuka Curry is based on the actual curry that the Navy eats on board.

kaigun curry

Today, I would like to introduce the curry restaurant has recreated the restaurant’s flavor into an instant curry.

TSUNAMI Yokosuka Kaigun Curry


”Tsunami” is a popular curry restaurant with a long line on Dobu-ita gourmet street everyday in Yokosuka.

This is a curry restaurant that has won the Yokosuka Gourmet Contest.

The picture is the warship, MikasaYou can see inside there now.

Heihachirou Togo Shogun
Yokosuka TSUNAMI curry restaurant

This warship, Mikasa is used in the Russo-Japanese War(We were great triumph thanks to UK & France,though😊). 

This curry is a beef curry with a secret spice of dark cocoa, Full-bodied curry with a little bit of bitterness. It is not for children.

Tsunami curry restaurant tasting

Gyorantei Ganso Yokosuka Kaigun Curry

gyorantei Ganso Yokosuka Kaigun Curry

“Gyorantei” is named for the navy blue fish. “Ganso” means  the originator.
It is a long-established kappo Japanese restaurant in Yokosuka city.

gyorantei Ganso Yokosuka Kaigun Curry

This curry is based on a more than 200-year-old military food recipe from the “Navy’s Kappou-jutsu” Reference cooking Book, and Gyorantei has recreated the curry rice of that era.

The ingredients are cut the same way as they were then, small and well-cooked.
This curry is simple and mild. It is an addictive taste😋

gyorantei Ganso Yokosuka Kaigun Curry

Kure Kaigun Nikujaga Curry

kure kaigun curry

In Japan, there is a stew called “Niku-jaga” in which meat, potatoes, onions, shirataki-konnyaku, etc. are fried in oil, then boiled in soy sauce.

Kure City in Hiroshima Prefecture has a navy and is known as the birthplace of this dish.


This is nikujaga.

Niku jaga and curry use almost the same ingredients, these foods are convenience of militaly supply.
Therefore they often have eaten both dishes now then.

This curry was made by combining the niku jaga and curry. It features original spices with a medium-hot, but there is konnyaku also. foreigners may not like this curry…😥

kurekaigun curry2

Yokosuka Kaigun Ramune


This is a kind of lemonade called “Ramune”,
It’s written Japanese navy had been drinking this soda well with carbon dioxide gas for firefighting purposes on board.

When I were kids, I used to drink this soda in the festival. It tastes like Sprite. I miss it😊

This is the end of the Navy series.
These curries have a lot of addicted flavor. If you visit in Yokosuka, try them out!


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