Japanese Navy Curry 2

Retort Curry 4

Yokosuka is one of city name near Tokyo. There is American & Japanese navy(Actually Japanese has a self-defense force, not navy). The curry of this navy is known as delicious  and famous in Japan. 

Japanese navy has a curry lunch every Friday. Because they get loosen a sense of what day of the week it is during long voyages.

Japanese Navy Curry

Today, I introduce Japanese Navy curries.

Soukai-kan Hachijo pork curry

Hachijo pork curry

“Soukai-kan” means a minesweeper warship. This warship named after Hachijo island below Tokyo. 

Hachijo pork curry

This Yokosuka curry honpo is a pork curry, sweetened and full-bodied taste for the crew on board, a retort curry developed based on the recipe.

I ate the curry on a naan (Indian flatbread) 😊 Japanese calls this is “Naan doc” like a hot doc.

Hachijou & nan

Sensui-kan Uzushio chicken Curry

sensuikan Uzushio chicken curry

“Sensui-kan” means submarine. “Uzushio” means Whirlpool.

sensuikan Uzushio chicken curry

This curry was made by a curry shop in Yokosuka called “Dobuita Shokudo Perry”. 

It’s a delicious chicken curry with a rich flavor and it is really filling😲

sensuikan Uzushio chicken curry

Goei-kan Yugiri beef curry

Goeikan Yugiri beef curry

“Goei-kan” means a convoy. “Yugiri” means evening fog. 

This convoy is powered by a Rolls-Royce spay.  RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 bumped into Kashima next to Yugiri 20 years ago when she called at an offshore ceremony in New York City on Independence Day.

I’m sure that was because she wanted to greet Her Majesty the Queen.

Goeikan Yugiri beef curry

This curry is made by the Mercure Hotel in Yokosuka, spicy beef curry with coffee as a secret ingredient.

Real color is thicker brown. This is acquired taste😉

Goeikan Yugiri beef curry

Goei-kan Kirishima pork curry

Goei-kan Kirishima pork curry

“Kirishima” means Kirishima island in Kagoshima city, Kyushu. This island erupts almost daily.

We need an umbrella every day to keep from becoming Cinderella (Cinderella means princess in ashes).

Every girls long to be Cinderella, so it’s a dream will come true quickly in this town,right🙄 !?

Goei-kan Kirishima pork curry

This curry is made in cooperation with Hungries curry restaurant in Yokosuka, is a pork curry with a savory and deep flavor.

There are some pork blocks in it and is very filling.
It live delicious up to Navy’s name😃

kirishima curry

This recipe is made by recreating a recipe from the head chef who actually works aboard each ship.

When you go to Yokosuka city, please go there😉

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