WAGYU (和牛) Japanese Beef

“Wa” means Japanese and “Gyu” means beef.  This is original Japanese beef. The wagyu is special breeding so its quality is difference from the other beef at all.

I had often heard Americans who ate Shimofuri (marbling) meat said, “This is rotten!” 

They prefer meat that looks like a shoe sole, and full of fat that is directly linked to arteriosclerosis.

The French eats raw beef called “Tartare”, and they have understood the taste of Wagyu before anywhere else in the world.

Today, I would like to introduce real Japanese beef, foreigners don’t know.

kinds of cows

Japanese beefs are divided into 2 definitions “Kokusan-gyu” and “Wagyu” indeed, moreover not called wagyu except for the 4 types under the law, correctly.



Cattle raised in Japan and processed for meat are called “Kokusan-gyu”. “kokusan” means the made in Japan.

Even if a cow is born overseas, if it has been raised in Japan for a longer period than in other countries, it is recognized as “Japanese beef”.


wagyu types

Wagyu is a hybrid breeds more than 200 years ago with Japanese and foreign cattle. this has to be the meat-only species (not dairy cows).

mukakushu wagyu

Wagyu is 4 kinds only as follows.

  1. Kuroge-washu(Black haired)
    well-balanced marbling
  2. Akage-washu(Brown haired)
    Red and tender meat
  3. Tankaku-shu(Shorthorn)
    Red and low in fat meat
  4. Mukaku-washu(Hornless)
    A rare breed of meat

These 4 types of cattle must be raised in Japan to be called “Wagyu” indeed.

The breeding place is called “Seisanchi” in Japanese.

I recommend this page.(You can change your own language and read this article by google)
Source: Premium Branded Beef Gallery



The Japanese also have been misunderstanding grading of Japanese beef,though…to be honest,
A1 quality is inferior to B5’s one.

Because this grade of A to C means a Yield ratio.
This yield means “How much edible part can be taken out of a piece of meat?“.

We don’t care such their “yield”!😲
Do not be cheated it! !

So, when you choose the wagyu, it is important of only quality grade 1-5

Parts of beefs

offal and meats are too many pages to describe them💦

So, I will explain in another pages later.


Yakiniku, Steak, Sukiyaki, or the other grilled meats are so standard eating every countries. 

Niku zushi

wagyu sushi

Our new standard is the “Niku Sushi”. Of course, almost all raw beef😋 This taste is kind a Oo-toro!

Motsu nabe


There are also Motsu-ni (“Motsu” means guts,”ni” means stewed plate) ,beef curry, and simmered beef strips…we love them.

Yakiniku burger

mos rice burger

We love beef & rice… so, this MOS BURGER has Yakiniku rice burger as unique menu!

I love this one.

I will introduce meat and offal of beef later. 

Bye now😉

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