Maruzuwaigani Hogushimi

Canned Foods 6

The purpose of canned food around the world is treated as “food that can be stored for a long time”, “resistant to spoilage” and “preserved food”. 

Originally, Napoleon seeked the idea to be able to preserve foods for a long time when he was leading his army.

But, it has a completely different purpose in Japan.

Kantsuma ikamentai

They are developed we can eat tasty foods anywhere and anytime. So we don’t care that is long-term storage or not.
Especially, Japanese canned foods are popular that works well with sake snacks.

Today, I introduce interesting and unique Japanese canned foods!

Sanma Shioyaki

sanma shioyaki

Sanma is saury, popular and often eaten
The most common flavouring is the kabayaki (Teriyaki), but this one is Japan.

sanma shioyaki

It is a slightly oily, but when warmed up, it turns out to be a nice sake snack.

This is my opinion, it goes well with a crisp Junmai-shu that refreshes the mouth.

Kantsuma series Ikamentai

Kantsuma ikamentai

“Kantsuma” is a snack of canned foods, and “IKa mentai” means simmered squids flavored with mentaiko.

Kantsuma ikamentai

This snack goes well together with Sake or Shochu like 5-star. Beer is 4 stars.

I have never known the mentaiko flavor and squid would go together so well😍😍

It must be one that you cannot help loving it!

Kantsuma ikamentai

Maruzuwaigani Hogushimi

Maruzuwaigani Hogushimi

“Maruzuwaigani” is a kinds of snow crab, and “Hogusimi” means crab flakes.You need always check the description of the canned crabs.

Because, the cheap ones under 10USD are often not real crabs.

Maruzuwaigani Hogushimi

This was a real crab, so I bought it.

When I opened it, it smelled like fish…I couldn’t understand this is really crab taste or not, because it didn’t have any crab legs.

Maruzuwaigani Hogushimi
Maruzuwaigani Hogushimi salad

I ate them in a salad.

You get what you pay for.

…this is true😥😥

Japanese canned foods are so tasty that we don’t have a problem in a disaster.

Actually, when the Tohoku Earthquake 9 years ago, I have seen some people had a drinking party on the road in Tokyo😨

That’s the reason Japanese are so strong in disaster, could it be thanks to canned foods, right?

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