Unique instant noodles can get only in Japan

These instant ramen are not typical Japanese ramen. But there are some ramen that are so good taste that it’s hard to think of them as instant food!

Unfortunately, they are not exported to overseas.

Today I’d like to introduce Japanese unique instant noodles!

Chukazammai (中華三昧)


This taste is “Suratan”  means Chinese sour and spicy soup noodle. Japanese loves this taste very much.  “Chuka” means China. The meaning of “Zammai” is the Buddhist term “Samadhi”. This refers to addict something. 

The taste is not changed when it was released 40 years ago.

How's taste?


Worthy of a special mention is nice and firm noodle😍
It is said to be the most popular souvenir for Japanese expatriates.

There are also Tantan-men, salty chicken brosh and thick soy sauce flavors.

I especially recommend you this Suratan taste😍

This taste is so delicious that I do not eat it at a ramen restaurant anymore.

Jajamen in Morioka city (盛岡じゃじゃ麺)


This is a rice noodle from Morioka city in Tohoku called “Jajamen”. I don’t know why they call it “Jajamen” …because it looks like the Korean reimen too much…😑

What is this ?

Jajamen explains

It looks like they put kimchi and spicy miso on it… unfortunately it’s not tasty, they need to apologize to Koreans. I think they will get angry if they see this Jajamen. 

Actually, Korean reimen is really yummy😍

How's taste?

noodle of Jajamen explains

Japan and Korea don’t get along in only politics, but to be honest, people are very close friends. They are very popular in Japan.

If you’re Korean and have a misunderstanding about Japan, Please come to Japan and find out for yourself!

Chinchin-tei Aburasoba (珍々亭 油そば)

Chinchin-tei Aburasoba

“Abura” means oil, “Soba” means noodle, and “Chinchin-tei ” means name of ramen restaurant.(Well…”Chinchin” means usually men’s symbol😅 )

Abura-soba is no soup ramen with the rayu and sesame oil poured on it. It is said to have originated in Tokyo.

What is this?

Chinchin-tei Aburasoba noodle

The noodles are curly, nice and firm.

How's taste?

Aburasoba taste

It looks delicious, but It is too oily for me. It is just oil taste..I put a raw egg on top.

Sorry, I do not recommend you.

It is often said the ramen is bad for your health because it’s full of chemical seasonings in soup… but there are many kinds health-conscious ramen in Japan.

I will introduce you to health-conscious ramen next!

Bye now😊

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