expensive fishes in japan

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Some fish are so rare that we may or may not be able to eat them once in a lifetime.

I’ve never seen some of these fishes in shame. Some of this cost are more than 30USD each sushi at a sushi restaurant😲(This price is called “Jika”, owner decides price depends on customer not fishes)

expensive fishes in japan

Today I’m going to introduce you to 6 of the highest-quality fishes.



“Kochi” is black head. We usually eat this fish Usuzukuri, thin Sliced Sashimi with momiji-oroshi,chopped leeks and ponzu like eating Fugu.


Or, we eat them simmered, Arai (Slices chilled in icy water).



Hirame is Flatfish, Turbot. Dover sole is Shita birame. These are very different.


Flatfish is high-quality and eat as sashimi and sushi, On the other hand, Shita birame is a cheap fish sold in supermarkets. 

Shitabirame is eaten as meuniere or with a strong flavor because it has a weak taste. Moreover, this is a kind of flounder not Hirame.

Hata, Kue

expensive fishes in japan

“Hata” is grouper. “Kue” is longtooth grouper, Kue is known as the highest-quality fish in Japan. It cost is more than USD300 / kg. 

kue nabe

It is said that the whole meat is like Toro. We eat in a pot in winter.

It looks similar to Aburabouzu(Skilfish), so, fakes are often sold. The cheap Kue is definitely Aburabouzu.

This fish has another name “Oil fish”,too oily to eat so much. Moreover you may suffer stomachache later😣

This is “Ma hata” called Grouper, is eaten as sashimi, grilled or fried. It has an elegant sweet taste and a crunchy texture. 


It is said to be extremely delicious, especially when eaten as sashimi…I’ve never seen it in Tokyo, though😥


However, it is called “Phantom fish” among fishermen because the amount of landings is so low.
This is “Kiji hata”,”Ako”, Hong Kong grouper.



“Kuromutsu” is Japanese bluefish or butterfish.

It has a unique and elegant flavor. we usually eat grilled or simmered. It is known as white meat toro.

expensive fishes in japan

“Akamutsu” is called “Nodoguro” also in Japanese. This is shore dotterel, blackthroat seaperch, which is named from its black mouth.

Hoshi garei


Karei is flounder, similar to Hirame. But very different from both. This Hoshi garei(Spotted plaice) is also high quality fish like a Hirame, though…i have never seen it.



In the Kansai region, they are called “Guji”, tilefish, horsehead in English.


Amadai is soft and translucent white flesh with a light and sweet flavor. They have also unique and elegant taste.
We eat them as Sashimi or grilled.



Other high quality fish are Ankou(anglerfish) and Fugu(puffy fish). I’ve introduced them before, so I won’t explain them this time.

This anglerfish is applox. 250USD / piece😲

fugu chiri nabe

These whites are pleasant light and have a unique chewy. We eat them in pots or sashimi well.

The Best Season is called “Shun” is very important for Japanese cuisine. For example, sea bream in summer is horrible😢 In Western countries, it is like a oysters without the “R”month .

keep in mind to choose dish before, what’s in season now.
In Japan, it is said that the foods you eat now will build your body 3 months after.

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