black foods

Black foods are good for your health

Have you ever heard of Black Foods?
These are many kinds of foods like black rice, seaweed, black sesame seeds and so on.

Also seasonings like soy sauce and balsamic vinegar. These are very good for your health, you know?😊

Although the number of obese people is increasing around the world, Japanese obesity rate keeps the lowest in the world at only 3%.

Today I’m going to introduce you black foods that Japanese often eats!

Staple black foods

Black staple foods

Japanese people often eat rice and noodles as our staple foods. We eat brown rice, and The soba noodles as well as udon and ramen. These are especially rich in vitamin B.

Soba (そば)


Soba is buckwheat. We eat it with chopped nori, leeks, wasabi and dipping sauce  for it. I talk about here.

Genmai (玄米)

Black rice

Black rice is old type Japanese ancient rice. Stickier than white one. We usually eat them mixed white rice.

Zenryuko (全粒粉)

whole grain powder

Whole wheat and rye breads are also commonly eaten.



Black beans, often used in Japanese sweets, are also a black food. This is good for beauty.

Kuromame (黒豆) recipe


This is one of the dishes we eat at New Year’s. It is made by sweetening black beans. This dish looks easy, but it is difficult.


Kuromame nattou (黒豆納豆)

Some natto is also made from black beans. They are smelly but addictive!

Black soybeans and natto have larger grains and a stronger flavor than regular soybeans.

Black Seasonings

Black seasonings

almost all Japanese seasonings are black. We love Worcestershire sauce, black pepper and balsamic vinegar also.

Worcestershire sauce (ウスターソース)


Especially, we can not eat Tonkatsu, fried foods and Kushiage without Worcestershire sauce. 

We call it “Ustaa soosu” with love.

Worcestershire sauce

This sauce is the most popular and loved British food among Japanese.

It’s written for Tonkatsu sauce.

Su (酢)

Kurozu (黒酢)


“Su” means vinegar in Japanese. There is a black vinegar, “Kurozu”. Some people put it in juice and drink it for thir health. It is said  kurozu is more refine and elegant flavor than regular vinegar.

Balsamic vinegar (バルサミコ酢)

balsamic vinegar

The best Balsamic vinegar is Aceto from Modena, Italy.
It makes fishes and salads taste greater tasty! 
Very expensive but worth it. (100ml/ 130USD!!)

This su is not made in Japan. I just wanted to be proud. Hahaha

Kurogoma (黒ゴマ)

Black sesame

We often eat black sesame as a snacks or mixed foods. When sesame seeds are added to a failed dish, this taste is changes delicious flavor. 

So we call it “Gomakasu” as in cheating.

Sanshou Pepper (山椒)


Japanese pepper is called “Sansho“. This is similar to Chinese pepper(花椒) but more fragrant. 

Kokutou (黒糖)


We also use brown sugar and molasses in sweets instead of sugar.

Japan’s brown sugar comes from the tropical islands of Okinawa and Kagoshima prefectures.

Kuromiso (黒味噌)


Miso made from black soybeans. It is also delicious in stews.

We  often eat it with cold ramen, “Jaja men”

Seaweeds (海藻)


The Japanese often eat seaweeds kinds kombu, Nori, Hijiki and Wakame. We also use them as dashi for simmer and soup. (This photo is Hijiki)

Kombu (昆布)


Especially, we eat Kombu after making the broth. This is one of a good luck food because it rhymes with “Yorokobu (よろこぶ)” means joy.

Kombu recipe

Tsukudani (佃煮)

We often eat kombu as “Tsukudani” which  is food boiled in soy sauce and sugar. We eat this one into Onigiri well. You can not stop eating! Here, try some!  

FYI: Rakuten recipe

Wakame is young kombu. We often eat them into miso soup or ramen.

Hijiki (ひじき)


Hijiki is often eaten as a stew with konnyaku and soybeans.

Learn more about seaweed here.

Sea foods (シーフード)


Sea foods like Shijimi, eel, and so on  are black foods also.

Japanese often eat black foods because many of them boost their energy and immunity to a particular infection.This may be one of the reasons why Japanese are so resistant to covid-19.

Aozakana (青魚)

“Aozakana” means blue fish. These meats are black, unlike Pacific saury or Spanish clams… so they are one of the black foods. This fish is shad.

Vegetables (野菜)

Black garlic

We eat black garlic and beans well. There are black radishes, tomatoes and potatoes… but I’ve never seen them. I would like to get black vegetables, if I have a chance😊

I’ve heard that those are more flavorful than ordinary vegetables.

Konnyaku (こんにゃく)


This is konnyaku, also known as devil’s tongue jelly, or elephant yum. This is produced from konnyaku yum roots. 


It has a limp, gummy texture, so I am often said I don’t like it by foreigners. 

Eggplant, burdock...


Eggplant and burdock are among the black vegetables. We often use them in cooking.

Tofu (豆腐)


This is Gomadofu(ごま豆腐 / Black sesame Tofu), is one of Shojin-ryori (vegetarian diet) .

Crushed black sesame seeds, boiled in water and cooled and hardened like tofu. We eat usually it over sweetened miso.

Coffee, Vanilla, and chocolate and so on are good black foods also. 

Check it out ! You must be addicted them😍

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