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3most popular instant noodles in Japan.

The goo rankings surveyed what are the most popular instant noodles in Japan. (in April 2020)

Today I introduce you the best popular 3 instant Ramen!

Chicken Ramen (チキンラーメン)


We lovingly call it “Chikiraa”.
It’s the world’s first instant noodle that has been loved all over Japan for over 60 years!

What's is this ?


In Japan, putting a raw egg in a dent in the middle of the noodle first, then pouring hot water around the egg and eating it after 3 minutes.

How's taste?


This taste is cheapish soy sauce and torigara flavour. But Japanese loves it! Because this is a nostalgic taste that reminds them of their childhood…

Umakatchan (うまかっちゃん)


“Umaka” is the Hakata dialect for tasty. “Chan” means My dear, My baby and so on, when we lovingly call someone.

I’ve never seen this instant noodle in Tokyo. The only place I could get it is at a Fukuoka antenna shop (Outlets that sell regional foods and products by local government) in Ginza.

What is this?


This is an authentic Tonkotsu type instant noodle is approved in Kyushu.

How's taste?


OMB(I am a Buddhist)…This smells very pork bones for me…😣
moreover, this noodle is too soft and curly… this Tonkotsu ramen usually has thin straight, though…strange…

Sapporo Ichiban (サッポロ一番)

Sapporo Ichiban

“Sapporo Ichiban” means Sapporo’s number one. We call them “Poroichi (ポロイチ)” with love. Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido.
There are 7 flavors. Their taste were not changed from 50 years ago.

What is this ?

Sapporo Ichiban

This is a basic soy sauce ramen. Why Japanese love this noodles?!😲


It looks tasty in the picture…But I thought this was the wrong way to eat.
The noodle is not nice and firm, taste is cheap flavor…

I thought it was familiar since I have been eating it since I was a kid…it may be a flavor you never get tired of.

You can find a variety of recipes for these instant noodles, so if you find them, try them out by all means😋

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