Japanese cup foods 8

Cup Foods 8

While I write this article, new cup foods launch every week…

Raou Shiro Tantan

Today I’m going to introduce you to a pretty unique cup of noodles.



There is an instant noodle “UFO Yakisoba”, that has long loved by Japanese. It is written this noodle is a chewier of UFO.


Like Peyong, this Yakisoba poured with hot water and drains in 5 min.

“UFO” is peppery and oily noodles, popular among men, but this is softer and chewy for women.


This is quite filling, this may not seem like much, though at a glance.

Raou Shiro Tantan


“Shiro tantan” means White sesame Tantan men.
Raou is also one of Nissin’s long-selling cup noodles and has been a favorite of the Japanese for over 40 years.

Raou Shiro Tantan

This instant noodle has a good taste and popular. I once had a Hiyashi chuka that was only summer limited ramen.
It was also as tasty as ramen eaten at a restaurant.

I’m guessing that Raou is the Ramen King(Ou means king), and it is true to this reputation!

Raou Shiro Tantan

The flavor of white sesame seeds is excellent and not too spicy. So even children can eat it. It comes with an red sesame oil. I recommend it for those who are not spicy enough.

Pork zero nanoni Tonkotsu


This cup’s title means “Pork bones-flavored instant noodle without pork bones”.

Do you think this is a new and interesting !?

Because there are many people in this world who want to taste pork bones of Ramen, but cannot do that because of their religion.

Pork 0 nanoni Tonkotsu
Pork 0 nanoni Tonkotsu

Discribing the ingredients.
Flour (noodles), vegetable oil and fat, salt, chicken extract, vegetable oil and fat, animal fat, soy sauce, garlic, beef, sesame seeds, sugar, flavored oil, gelatin, kikurage and green onion.
There is no pork in it.

Light bouillon based, almost beef and vegetable oil flavor. Noodles are thin curly noodle like a Kyushu’s Tonkotsu ramen.

Pork 0 nanoni Tonkotsu
Pork 0 nanoni Tonkotsu

I can explain the Tonkotsu taste to the people of Haral! Green ones are leeks and fried garlic tips.
Ah! This was the last one unfortunately…😥

I am also introducing a new Japanese cup noodle😉

Bye now!

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