retort curry 3

Retort Curry 3

Although, I know the word of “Retort” means “Instant”, it’s hard to distinguish another page, “instant noodles” and “instant foods”.

So I’ve decided to call it as “Retort curry” to differentiate it from them.(Japanese pronunciation is “Retoruto”, though)

demiglace cheese curry

Today I’m going to introduce you to different types of retort curries.

Demiglace Cheese Curry

demiglace cheese curry

This is a cheese curry with demi-glace sauce. This tasted like a thick stew, so it’s a curry that goes well with winter not midsummer…😯

demiglace cheese curry

It was delicious, but the demi-glace was too strong and didn’t have a curry taste to it at all.

Otokono Goku-uma Black Curry

Otokono Goku-uma Black Curry

“Otoko” means Man’s. “Goku-uma” is “Ultra tasty” but that’s a slightly exaggeration, though.

This has maca and garlic as tonic in, so that it is “The man’s curry”.

Otokono Goku-uma Black Curry

Heating up in the microwave as it is. This is good, because I do not need to move it to another plate.

It looks dark and strong, but it was just an ordinary curry.It was disappointing😥
If I were a man, it might be different.

Otokono Goku-uma Black Curry

Vegetable keema curry

Vegetable keema curry

Keema Curry is an Indian curry with ground meat, but this is a vegetable-only Keema Curry. It’s not even keema anymore…(keema means Ground meat

In Japan, it is called “Dried Curry”. The reason why it’s “Dried” is it has no soup.

Vegetable keema curry

I found this at a 1dollar store(in Japan, they are called 100-yen shop or hyakkin). But it’s so tasty it doesn’t even seem like it’s 1dollar!

Mandara Beef Masala Curry

Mandala Beef Masala Curry

There are many curry restaurants in Kanda, Tokyo. They hold a curry grand prix every year, and this is the beef curry of “Mandara,” that won the first prize restaurant.

kandacurry (1)

It was a retort, but it had a large piece of beef in it.
You can find it in supermarkets and it’s a pretty popular in Tokyo.

Rich and spicy… but I don’t remember taste well, so maybe it was just an ordinary-taste.

This is my opinion that the hardest thing in the world is “Normal” and “Ordinary”. Although I remember it is bad or delicious, I don’t remember normal taste.

Maybe Japanese often says “Normal is the best” so makers try to season foods the ordinary-taste.
Japanese likes words “Normal” and “Ordinary”.

But, I would like to ask them,

What dose “The Normal” means?🙁

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