Japanese canned food that goes well with wine

Japanese food has a healthy image, but what I introduce you today,  are juicy meats canned foods only. So I do not recommend you read it in the middle of the night…these are not for diet.

Today I’m going to introduce you canned foods that works well with Sake and red wine.

Toriniku to Jagaimo Kousouni (鶏肉とじゃがいもの香草煮)


“Toriniku (鶏肉)” means chicken. “Jagaimo (じゃがいも)” means potatoes. “Kousouni (香草煮)” means simmered with herbs.

How's taste?


This is just simmered chickens and potatoes with herbs, works well with red wine, taste is chicken based stocks… pretty good. This is for full bodied Sake.

Gyutan (牛タン)


“Gyutan” is the cow’s tongue, was originally foods thrown away by the U.S. military after the pacific war when Japanese didn’t have anything to eat.

What is this?


Therefore, it may not be suitable for American tastes. I don’t know whether they eat Gyutan or not, but it’s one of the exclusive food now in Japan, though.

How's taste?


This texture is nice and firm,taste good cold, too.This is very works well with Sake. So, I appreciate for U.S. military, now.

Buta Daikon (ぶた大根)


“Buta” means pork. “Daikon” is a Japanese horse radish. This is simmered porks and daikon with thick Teriyaki sauce.

What is this ?

Buta Daikon

I wonder if this teriyaki sauce looks too sweet…🙁

How's taste?

Buta Daikon

I warmed it up and scattered some leeks over it, then it became a snack that matches well with Shochu more than Sake…it’s too rich for Sake. 

Or a full-bodied Bordeaux wine, it goes well with it, may be.

You may not think of these foods as canned when you heat them up and put them on a plate.

You can also buy them at convenience stores😋

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