3Japanese popular canned foods for Sake

Japanese people are used to drinking sake or beer with canned food as a snack. It is no different under covid-19.

I introduce emergency-for-Sake-Lovers-canned foods.

karaage fried chicken (からあげ)


Karaage is kinds of fried food. It’s better the fresh off the kitchen.

How's taste


This canned food is for those who want to eat Karaage even in an emergency

Fried food is never this watery. This is not tasty.😢

Yakitori kan (やきとり缶)

yakitori can

Yakitori” menas BBQ chicken on a bamboo skewer. This taste is Yuzukosho. I tried to buy this one, because I have never seen this taste.

What is this?

yakitori kan

It looks a bit oily in appearance…Yakitori is not this watery. I have a feeling this won’t taste good…😫

How's taste

yakitori kan

Too oily foods usually don’t work well with Sake, but this yuzukosho flavor made it go well with the full-bodied Sake more than I think ever.

Torikawa Misoni (鳥皮みそ煮)

Torikawa Miso

“Torikawa (鳥皮)” means chicken’skin. I like this part better than meat. It’s full of collagen and good for keeping youth skin!

This taste is Misoni, is the special food in Kure city, Hiroshima.

How's taste?

Torikawa Miso

Here was building battleships, so USA dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. 

Most of all, poor thing, there were a lot of foreign prisoners of war here. They are victims too.

Anyway, it is even better when served warm and served with chopped scallions.

In addition to these, there are also oden, simmered foods, fruits, and so on. So many varieties for emergency foods!

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