Japanese cup foods 7

Cup Foods 7

In Japan, new cup of noodles are launched every month. Some of them are sold only for a limited season.

Today I introduce two classic cup noodles and one new one.

Chicken ramen


Chicken ramen is one of the most beloved instant noodles among the Japanese. This is not an instant noodle, but a cup noodle.

This instant noodle is served with a raw egg on top of the noodles and pour hot water around egg.

But, this already has a dried egg filling inside.

The taste is as same as the instant one, soy sauce flavor. I prefer instant to cup noodle.




Chuka-Zammai is one of the classic instant noodle that has been a favorite more than 40 years by Japanese. The pink bag on the side is the soup.

“Zammai” means to be enthusiastic.
Originally, it was a Buddhist term meaning “to concentrate hard”.


There are soy sauce flavors, tantanmen and salt flavors. Instant noodles are better than cup noodles.

Matcha cup noodle

Mstcha cup noodle

This cup noodle is a newly launched Nissin cup noodle, in matcha and chicken broth flavors.

Mstcha cup noodle

Ah, yeah…The green color is not poison, but matcha.

The light flavor, chicken broth is popular among Japanese now.
It is combo with matcha & chicken broth.

Mstcha cup noodle

I think this is completely wrong.
I have told you Japanese eat with five senses.

When I smelled this soup, I couldn’t imagine what is this tastes. I mean I can’t connect the taste of chicken broth and smell of green tea in my head…horrible…

This cup noodle has gone very quickly though. 

Give the money back ! man!😡

Although Japanese loves various flavors, soy sauce flavor is the soul taste.

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