yakisoba pan

Japanese strange dishes

Although I’m Japanese, there are some Japanese foods that I cannot understand…😨
Please don’t laugh at them…some of these foods are delicious more than you think ever!😲

nattou pasta

Today, I introduce “slightly” strange Japanese dishes.

Yakisoba pan

yakisoba pan

“Yakisoba” means fried noodle,  “Pan” means bread. Yakisoba bread is a bread with yakisoba in. 
This is especially popular among boys. 

there is also spaghetti bread. This spaghetti is made with pasta that has been over boiled past 10 min at least and seasoned with ketchup. Awful…😱

I remember that there’s a food that is a bread between toast and toast in UK. So, they can not laugh at Japanese.

Nattou pasta

nattou pasta

Sometimes I think Japanese has gone too far future… This is natto (fermented soybean) pasta with raw egg.

I do not know this is tasty or not, but Japanese try to eat any foods with natto. We love natto😀

Monja yaki

monja yaki

Monjayaki is a light meal similar to Okonomiyaki pan cake. However, the Monjayaki uses more water than Okonomiyaki and is made differently. 

This look is like vomit. It’s a food born in Tokyo, but I hate it.

Soba meshi

soba meshi

This is also carbs + carbs.
It’s a mixture of fried rice with fried noodles.

Osaka people often eat it, but it is not popular in Tokyo.

Ogura buttered toast

an-buttered toast

“Ogura” means “sweetened red beans”. We calles”Anko””An” also. It is often used in Japanese sweets.
The combination of Anko and butter is more tasty than I expected😃 There are also the toast, Ogura +Cheese, and Ogura + whipped cream.

ogura toast

This toast originated in Nagoya city. This is called Ogura danish toast.
Try to eat by all means!



We love raw egg. I already explain raw egg on another page.



“Odorigui” means eating live seafoods while still moving.
I have never seen it…scary…😨

I’ll introduce you any strange menus that come out.

see you😉

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